Roller Derby of Central Kentucky

ROCK Embroidered Unisex Zip Hoodie

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ROCK Embroidered Unisex Zip Hoodie

ROCK Embroidered Unisex Zip Hoodie


Because there's nothing more punk
than clothes designed by your local Roller Derby League.

You've Bought Things for Worse Reasons...

We're Basically You...

A little witchy, a little badass, a lot LGBTQ: Support actual local humans and look hella good doing it.

That *FIT* Tho

We don't wanna wear cheap crap that looks schlumpy. We only offer what we WANT to wear.

Scare Your Coworkers

Wearing roller derby gear makes people think you can take them. Trust us: it's worth it.

Support our love of hitting things at speed...

When you get an item from this website, you're supporting *ridiculously* adorable moments like this. With your support, we can play games, pay for a practice space, and be the proud owners of a snarky website!

No really tho, we do a lot of good...

We are pretty friggin' serious about supporting our local community. We show up for local events, we buy from local businesses, and every player donates their time to volunteer monthly.

Hear What Skaters Have to Say...

Anarchy Says:

No one: Sell Merch. Anarchy: YES.

Pinkie Says:

Does it come in Pink?

Scar Says:

I can definitely apex jump in this.

Nuk Says:

Yeah dude, support me doing more of this.

Chad Says:


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