Join Us

What it's like to be in Derby:

Built-In Friends + Events

We have at least one event every month, several games per year...And your teammates will quickly become your friends! We are known for being a non-toxic group.

Play When YOU Want

YOU decide when you're ready to play. We'll train you even if you've never skated before. You won't be pressured at any point. You get to choose your own path.

Derby is a Commitment

We'll give you our all so we expect the same. You're expected to do 4 committee hours monthly, and pay a member fee. Without these, derby couldn't exist.

Even if you've never skated...

We definitely have options for you in roller derby. We can teach you how to skate from scratch, or you can be an official (on or off skates). The game can't exist without these different roles, so we definitely have a place for you.

Even if you're not athletic...

Many of our current players did not identify as strong, tough, athletic, or even capable when they joined. In fact, many of us have diseases or life-long conditions that would normally STOP us from being athletic. You are not your health conditions. That's why so many of us play.

We have skates you can borrow!

The Gear You Need to Start

If you want to join a practice, all you need are these two things:


This comfortable, moldable mouthguard allows you to talk and drink water while wearing it.


While we have pads you can borrow, a helmet needs to be just for you! Find your size below.

Then Come Join Us at Practice!

We practice at The Yard in Lexington 2 days per week.
Use the button below to get in touch and we'll find a day/time that works for you ⬇️