Tattoo Charlie's

More than half of our skaters have gotten a piercing or (several) tattoos from Tattoo Charlie's. They even designed one of our tournament tattoos!

Denham Blythe

This super cool company creates design-build solutions and works on turnkey construction projects!

Pops Resale

If you haven't been to Pops, you're missing out on vinyl records, vintage clothing, old school video games, and all things retro!

Ferm Solutions

Ferm focuses on fermentation products for the ethanol fuel industry, Yeast, Antibiotics, and distilled spirit products.

Commonwealth Medical

This company solves medical problems by helping veterans in Kentucky, doing pop-up clinics, and providing medical staff to understaffed clinics.

Dreaming Creek Brewery

Get your ales and lagers galore at Dreaming Creek! They're a local craft brewery (and roller derby favorite!) in Richmond, Kentucky.

Jason Bechtel Photography

Getting incredible shots of us in play is a daring job...But some brave photographers and willing to do it! Jason has been taking photos of the team for years, and we want to thank him for giving us some of our fondest memories!